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Just about everything good in this booklet is from the mind of Logan Knight thankfully putting his ideas and the tables for running his Viriconium-like city, Cörpathium, up under a Creative Commons license.

This is NOT the City of Troika. The actual Troika city is not yet available. My idea was to delve into where the author of Troika! Daniel Sell got his inspiration: a series of science-fantasy novels involving this shifting dystopian-dark future Earth city of Viriconium written by M. John Harrison. That led me to Logan Knight's excellent creations. Logan has a love for Viriconium and modeled his own setting after it

Although I assembled this booklet for my personal game, I hope other Troika! players will find the content useful and fun. As a design philosophy Troika! scenarios should be random as possible.

If you enjoy any of this you'd be well-served checking out Logan's website (www.lastgaspgrimoire.com) for his full-blown Cörpathium stuff and much more.  


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